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​​​​​​​​​Sunday, March 22, 2015

​​14:00-15:30 - Michael Oliver Hall​

Evolutions in the management of HoFH
Sponsored by Aegerion Pharmaceuticals

Chairpersons: G. Thompson, UK
                        K. Ray, UK

  • Modernising our understanding of HoFH  
    J. Roeters van Lennep, The Netherlands
  • The therapeutic backbone
    C. Stefanutti, Italy
  • Taking a quantum leap in management strategies​
    S. Baum, USA
16:00-17:30 - Michael Davies Hall
Why Reducing LDL Cholesterol Matters: An Evidence Based Discussion​
Sponsored by MSD

chairpersonsT. PedersenNorway
                       C. BallantyneUSA

16:00 - Opening Remarks
              T. PedersenNorway
              C. BallantyneUSA

16:05 Putting Recent Clinical Study Results in the Context of Previous Trials
             C. BallantyneUSA

16:20Lifetime Benefit of Lower LDL-C: Evidence From Genetic Studies
             B. Ference, USA

16:35 Lifetime Benefit of Lower LDL-C: Evidence From Randomized Trials
             C. Packard, UK

16:50 - What Current Guidelines Tell Us
             A. Catapano, Italy

17:05Statin Treated Patients at Very High Cardiovascular Risk:
            Are the Majority 
Close to LDL-C Goal?
            A. Gitt, Germany

17:20 - Panel Discussion and Q&A

17:25 - Closing Remarks
             T. PedersenNorway
             C. BallantyneUSA

Monday, March 23, 2015

13:00-14:30 - Anits​chkow Hall 

Statin intolerance: an impactful and yet unresolved clinical challenge​​

Sponsored by Amgen

​​Chairperson: E. Stroes, The Netherlands

13:00 - Welcome and Introduction
              E. Stroes, The Netherlands

13:05Statin intolerance: A growing challenge
              H. Sinzinger, Austria

13:25 The evolution of statin intolerance guidelines: Are we moving
              in the right direction?            
              M. Banach, Poland

13:45Current and future perspectives on optimal management of statin
              U. Laufs, Germany

14:15 - Panel Discussion

14:2​5 - Closing Remarks
              E. Stroes, The Netherlands

13:00-14:30 - Michael Davies Hall

What Do Clinical Outcomes Trials Tell Us?
Sponsored by MSD

Chairpersons: A. Catapano, Italy
                        C. Packard, UK

13:00 - Opening Remarks
             A. Catapano, Italy
             C. Packard, UK

13:05The Legacy of Lowering LDL-C
              T. PedersenNorway

13:25Using Naturally Randomized Genetic Data to Fill Evidence Gaps
              B. FerenceUSA

13:45Putting Recent Clinical Study Results in the Context of Previous Trials
             C. BallantyneUSA

14:05 - Panel Discussion and Q&A 

14:25 - Closing Remarks
             A. Catapano, Italy
             C. Packard, UK

13:00-13:45 - Michael Oliver Hall

Investing in your arteries: importance of a healthy lifestyle for lifetime cardiovascular risk reduction​ - Special Lecture

Sponsored by Unilever​

Chairperson: M. J. Chapman, France

Speaker: J. Deanfield, UK

14:00-14:45 - Hugh Sinclair Hall

HoFH – evolving understanding of a rare disease - Meet the Expert 

Sponsored by Aegerion Pharmaceuticals​

  • J. Roeters van LennepThe Netherlands​
  • M. Arca, Italy
  • S. Baum, USA
18:30-19:15 - Hugh Sinclair Hall
Elsevier hosted Author and Reviewer Workshop, presented by Sarah Leigh & Koos Admiraal
We aim to give guidance to researchers  who are considering submitting manuscripts to peer reviewed journal and to new or existing reviewers about how to perform good peer reviews, emphasizing the benefits the scientific community, and to th​e reviewers themselves.  With refreshments and open questions and answers.  All welcome​

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

​13:00-14:30 - Michael Davies Hall​

Challenges in comprehensive lipid management​​

Session sponsored by Eli Lilly

 Chairperson: A. Catapano, Italy
13:00 - Residual Risk management:
             Needs beyond current lipid modification treatments?
             K. Ray, UK              
13:20 - Atherogenicity beyond LDL: Remnants, ApoCIII and Lp(a)
              B. G. Nordestgaard, Denmark
13:40 - What is the role of CETP in lipid metabolism?
              J.W. Jukema, The Netherlands
14:00 - Expert Panel​

13:00-14:30 - Michael Oliver Hall 

Latest developments in difficult-to-treat patients with hypercholesterolemia​

Session sponsored by Sanofi & Regeneron

Chairperson: J. Chapman, France

13:00 - Introduction and welcome
             J. Chapman, France

13:05 - The clinical spectrum of difficult-to-treat hypercholesterolemic patients
              in routine practice
              M. Farnier, France

13:30 - Clinical advances in diagnosis and treatment of patients with familial
              F. Raal, South Africa

13:55 - New developments in the treatment of patients with statin intolerance​
              E. Stroes, The Netherlands

14:20 - Panel Discussion

14:30 - Close of Symposium

13:00-14:30 - Hugh Sinclair Hall

Dyslipidaemia from Early Childhood into Adulthood​

Session Sponsored by Synageva

Chairp​ersons: P.J. Galloway, UK
                         L. Tokgözoglu, Turkey
13:00 - Opening Remarks
              P.J. Galloway, UK
              L. Tokgözoglu, Turkey
13:05 - Need for Lipid Screening in Childhood
             E. Ross, Spain
13:25 - Were You Able to Get to the Bottom of It? Case of Unusual      
             W. Griffiths, UK
13:40 - Lipid-Lowering Therapies Are Not Always the Solution
             A. QuinnChief Medical Officer and Head of R&D Synageva BioPharma​
14:10 - Discussion

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